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Next generation of tracking system

Atracsys' infiniTrack is a real-time optical pose measurement system specially designed to detect and track the 3D position of objects in real-time video streams. Being simultaneously an active camera as well as a real passive tracking system, infiniTrack can be used in an infinite number of applications, delivering precise and reliable measurements. infiniTrack is an active camera compatible with existing image-guided surgery tools already widespread in the medical field. By being, at the same time, a third generation of passive tracking system, infiniTrack can be used in a wide range of exciting applications like augmented reality or tracking of user's movements.

Designed for an ultimate modularity, infiniTrack offers several cutting edges tracking algorithms. For this reason, different kinds of fiducial objects including reflective balls, disks or small x-shape points can be easily localized.

Latest Driver Release (November 16, 2009)

Advance tracking error recovery

The reflective ball detection module automatically corrects tracking errors due to occluded, dirt or scratched balls - if up to 75% of their surface is still visible - without significant loss of precision.

Multi-level fault checking

The new infiniTrack driver enables several levels of error information ranging from the ball occlusion level, stereo de-calibration, rigid body registration and much more in real-time.

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Simultaneous free form and rigid body tracking

Current driver release enables simultaneously detecting unattached reflective balls and conventional ones fixed on rigid bodies on the same pair of images.

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Tracking of disk markers

The most powerful disk marker tracking module is now available in option to detect reflective disks with high precision. These disks can be stuck on planar surface or glued on soft tissues. Costless compact markers can also be realized with reflective disks.

Local hi-precision calibration

An optional calibration Software allows calibrating your infiniTrack in a specific sub volume to enhance calibration. Local precision improvement up to 25% is possible by this means at that specific location.

For more complete details on the infiniTrack, please refer to the PDF (1012 KB).

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SIZE 520mm x 80mm x 95mm
WEIGHT 1.5 kg
POWER 110-240V~/50-60Hz/700mA

  Reflective balls
  Reflective disks
  Reflective X-points
INTERFACE Firewire 1394a
MAX. TOOLS 8 simultaneous
MAX. FIDUCIALS 6 per tool

PRECISION See brochure

DRIVERS Windows/Linux 32/64

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