• spryTrack 180

    Compact and mobile optical pose tracking system at the edge of the technology with no compromises on speed nor precision

  • fusionTrack 500

    High performance active and passive tracking with unrivalled precision and measurement rate

  • fusionTrack 250

    High performance active and passive tracking system designed for small measurement volumes

  • accuTrack 500

    Best-in-class active tracking

  • accuTrack 250

    High performance active tracking combining innovative technology and sleek design

Measurement Solutions

Atracsys is a Swiss based global engineering and manufacturing company providing cutting edge optical tracking technology to the medical industry.

The company is organized in two main activities:
• Product manufacturing of either off-the-shelf or customised tracking solutions
• Engineering services including consulting and integration support

Atracsys solutions combine utmost measurement accuracy, speed and reliability. Atracsys technology is entirely designed, engineered, manufactured and verified in Switzerland and follows the ISO 13485 medical quality system. 

Atracsys aims at continuously helping surgeons all around the world to guide their instruments with sub-millimetric precision for better patient outcomes.

Our products
Real-time high-speed 335Hz and low latency 4ms
High-precision 0.09 mm RMS up to 2m
Ethernet connection for both data and power (PoE+)
Open system complete access to images and data
Active and passive markers including active wireless

Our products