• spryTrack 180

    Cost-effective optical pose tracking system at the edge of the technology with no compromises on speed nor precision

  • fusionTrack 500

    High performance active and passive tracking with unrivalled precision and measurement rate

  • fusionTrack 250

    High performance active and passive tracking system designed for small measurement volumes

  • accuTrack 500

    Best-in-class active tracking

  • accuTrack 250

    High performance active tracking combining innovative technology and sleek design

Measurement Solutions

Atracsys designs, develops, certifies and industrializes real-time image processing systems for embedded applications and optical metrology.

Since 2004, our high-speed optical measurement systems have been helping surgeons all around the world to guide their instruments inside the patient’s body with sub-millimetric precision.

Furthermore, our products are integrated into a variety of other end-user systems such as industrial, quality control, reverse engineering, biomechanics or natural user interfaces. Atracsys solutions are used whenever utmost measurement accuracy, speed and reliability are required.

Our products
Real-time high-speed 335Hz and low latency 4ms
High-precision 0.09 mm RMS up to 2m
Ethernet connection for both data and power (PoE+)
Open system complete access to images and data
Active and passive markers including active wireless

Our products